Behind the Scenes of a Cliffside Wedding with Tom Bol and the ELB 400


A cliffside wedding with the ELB 400.

Renowned adventure photographer Tom Bol took the ELB 400 on location to photograph a cliffside wedding. 

Tom Bol shares his experience using the ELB 400 and mixing wedding with sport photography.  

"The ELB 400s were the perfect choice for this shoot. They're lightweight, barely over 4 pounds, they're very portable, and they have tons of power!

Using the Elinchrom Skyport allowed me to control the light in very difficult places to get to. Some lights were hanging on the side of the cliff that no one was near. So, being able to adjust the output from the camera is a huge benefit to me in this photography."

Filmed by Mac Group US.

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