Elinchrom Adventure School


The Adventure School isn’t just about photography and lighting skills. It is also a course on what it takes to come back with really incredible images and how far you have to push to make an image that stands out from the millions of other images already out there.

The Adventure School is meant for any photographer, whether a beginner or a seasoned pro looking to push their work to a higher level. Even if you aren’t an adventure sports photographer, many of the techniques and tutorials will be applicable and relevant to your work.

Adventure sports photography is a demanding genre that requires not only excellent photography skills but also a deep understanding of the outdoors. Our goal is to inspire and educate you while promoting passion, dedication and craftsmanship.
— Michael Clark, Adventure School Dean and RedBull Photographer

We invite you to dive in, explore all that’s possible and start dreaming about your next epic photo adventure.



Photographing Rock Climbing

Join Michael Clark on a rock climbing photo shoot in Rifle Mountain Park, Colorado with professional climbers Delaney Miller and Ben Rueck. In this 2-part guide, Michael will walk you through the gear he brought and used for the photo shoot, including his lighting and photo gear, as well as his climbing equipment.

The first thing you need to do before shooting climbing, you need to become a climber
— Michael Clark


Photographing Whitewater Kayaking

Join Michael Clark as he takes us into the world of whitewater kayaking as he works on the launch campaign for the Elinchrom ELB 1200. Michael Clark worked with world-class Red Bull whitewater kayaker Rafa Ortiz alongside Rush Sturges and Liam Field to create the award-winning “Lighting the Spirit” campaign at Spirit Falls on the Little White Salmon River near White Salmon, Washington.

Rafa could have broken his back at any moment, so we front loaded the shoot with Portraits.
— Michael Clark


The Evolution of Adventure Sports Photography

In this interview, Michael Clark sits down with Rob Haggart, former photo editor for Outside Magazine and Men’s Journal as well as the creator of APhotoEditor.com. The interview covers numerous topics exploring the evolution of the adventure sports photography world and Rob’s role helping adventure photographers take their work to the next level.



Lots more adventures to come…